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Soul, to me, means "embodied essence," when we experience ourselves and others in our full humanity - part animal, part divine. Healing comes through the embodiment of the soul. The soul in matter is what I think the femine side of God is all about. The feminine soul is what grounds us; it loves and accepts us in our totality.

Marion Woodman



Truth seeker/speaker, Earth Realm explorer, deep thought translator.

On the surface, Keri Mangis might seem a gentle yet candid introvert. But peel back a layer and you’ll uncover an inquisitive explorer of inner and outer realms. Peel back another layer and you might see a brave visionary pioneering her own brand of spiritual revolution. She has studied or taught yoga, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, energy work, aromatherapy, Buddhism, Hinduism, Tantra, Christianity, and other spiritual teachings and healing modalities.

A Minneapolis-based writer and speaker, her work has appeared in Elephant Journal, Urban Howl, The Sunlight Press, Grown and Flown, Rebelle Society, The Good Men Project, Stitch, Literary Mama, and elsewhere. Embodying Soul is her first book.


Keri's first book, a memoir entitled Embodying Soul: A Return to Wholeness—A Memoir of New Beginnings, will be published on Valentine's Day, 2020.