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Why did you create Curiosa Publishing?

I’ve been in the process of writing my memoir for the last five years. As I neared its completion, I began looking at all of my options. Like most first-time authors, I was quickly disillusioned by the long, laborious, and, especially for a non-famous person, highly unlikely process of success through traditional publishing. I then explored all the hybrid options out there for writers these days, but couldn’t find one that allowed for both my own entrepreneurial spirit and my hands-on, detail-oriented work style.

These reasons are why I finally decided to go with not only self-publishing but to open my own publishing company. This means I remain in control of everything from the title to the publishing date to the text font. Meanwhile, I can outsource where and when needed—for editing, proofreading, pre & post-pub book reviews, product development, etc.—which I am and will continue to do. I love and appreciate having expert guidance; I just like to have the final say!


What is the significance of the word “Curiosa” in Curiosa Publishing?

Because Endless Curiosity is such an important part of who I am, it made sense to have her be the representative of my publishing company. Because in the future, any book I publish—whether it be mine or someone else’s, and whether it is fiction, non-fiction, spiritually-oriented or completely enfolded in the material world—it must stimulate and celebrate endless curiosity in all who come upon the work.

I am not this hair, I am not this skin,
I am the soul that lives within.


What is your book called, and when you do anticipate it being published?

Embodying Soul: A Return to Wholeness—A Memoir of New Beginnings.​


A determined truth-seeker craving success and belonging instead connects with her journeying soul, leading to greater self-acceptance and a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life and death.


I’m anticipating publishing my book in October 2019.

Q. Once your book is published,
what comes after that?

The rule is there are no rules!

In the high-pressure, results-oriented times we live in, curiosity, exploration and detours are often sidelined—in some circles even frowned upon or mocked.

We are taught to set aside our “whatabouts” and “butwhys” early in childhood, at great cost to our ability to continue to grow individually or contribute more to society than simply holding the walls up.


As I say in my book, my soul came into this body and this lifetime to upend hierarchies, not uphold them! Without curiosity we stagnate. We grow old. We grow cynical and hard and narrow-eyed. Endless curiosity is the only hope for us to continue to grow as a society.


So, my wish is for Curiosa Publishing to take on works that awaken endless curiosity in myself and others. This could be fiction or non-fiction, poetry, short stories or full-length novels. But if it makes the reader think about their life and what matters, then I would be honored to help bring it into the world.

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